November 28, 2011

9 Reasons why Halo sucks... you in

9 Reasons why Halo sucks... you in

It makes you the Hero

Sure, the games are about the Master Chief and his companions but there's a reason why you have never seen the Chief's face before - it's a deliberate action so that you feel like you are in control, that you are saving the universe and that you are the Hero.

What's not to like about that?

The Library

While The Library in the original game some times feels like the Hotel California in that 343 Guilty Spark checked you in but won't let you leave until you have killed every last one of the muthucking face huggers.

This level is infamous within the Halo community as being long and intolerable - even the new Anniversary edition of the game recognised this and gave it two fairly challenge achievement point rewards other than for completion!

The Library sucks you in because it's where you are truly tested as a Halo player. When playing on the harder levels and the Monitor goes off to put out a fire somewhere it's you versus the Flood. This section of the game sorts out the men from the boys

The Sniper Rifle

There is nothing like taking down an Elite with a single shot to the side of the head to begin the festivities. A sniper rifle can help you out when you're low on ammo and in a tight spot. You need to take out the big fellow from afar? The Sniper rifle is your friend there. Want to camp out on a Halo map to pick of your foes one by one? Sniper rifle is a killing machine.

Cortana - the thinking man's A.I.

Was there ever such an eloquent (or sarcastic) female character in a game before Halo was unleased on the world 10 years ago? Cortana has been the Chief's guide and moral compass in 3 Halo games and looks set to be his cheer leader in the Reclaimer Trilogy (possible rampancy issues aside). Halo sucks you in because they employ her feminine wiles and charms to good effect.... i.e. they gave her big boobs.


Come for the campaign, stay for the multiplayer they say and I think that's pretty much the best way that Halo sucks... you in. With well design maps and great game types, Bungie and their friends were true pioneers of the Xbox live multiplayer universe and ensuring the continued successes of the franchise. There's nothing like like getting a 10 kill streak as you dominate a field of players who've been matched to your 'true skill' level.....

Easter Eggs and cool shit like that

The first Combat Evolved had Easter Eggs and every Halo game since. It's become a key thing that the fans love in the games. Finding a reference to Jones the Cat or 4 Banshees hidden in the Package Reach level are the icing or frosting on the cake that make Halo so damn delicious.  Here's some more Reach Easter Eggs.

Melee to the back of the head

There's nothing like sneaking up on an Elite that's supposedly on watch and crushing the base of his skull with an armoured arm! Nor is there anything sweeter in a multiplayer match where you have no shields but manage to land that crucial melee to your foe.

Legendary Mode

Like Gears of War's Insane mode, this sorts out the ODST from the Spartans. Playing Halo on legendary mode is for me the epitomy of game design and game play. Everything in the Halo universe comes together. Whether it's tacking a hairy cackle of rebelling Brutes down some tight corridors or taking on a trio of suicidal grunts

It's got the Master Chief in it

Nuff said eh?

November 25, 2011

Wonder Girl Costume with cape

I think this is a pretty sweet cos play effort of a Wonder Girl Costume - love the boots! If you like this Amazonian Warrior Princess, check out our Wonder Woman costume page.

Harley Quinn is an MC Hammer fan?

Ms Quinn
The always mischievous Harley Quinn looks like she's sizing up her next victim with the giant hammer. I'm just wondering how this wonder cos player manages to get her ass into that outfit? Was she sewn in? Does this picture make you want to go play Batman Arcane Asylum?

Sexy Huntress Cosplay Costume

This Huntress will hunt you down with purple power?

Seven of Nine Cosplay

Seven of Nine Cosplay

Seven of Nine Cosplay from Star Trek 

Lives under the ocean Seven of Nine 

Hellboy Costume Play

Anung Un Rama
Here's a damn good cosplay version of Hellboy. You may have read him in the comics or seen him in the two films, either way I think you'd agree this an excellent version of Mike Mignola's fine creation. This Helloby could probably pass as a body double on set for any new film they make!

Incredible Hulk Cosplay with extra She-Hulk

Incredible Hulk Cosplay with extra She-Hulk

She Hulk loves her purple bkini
Hulk goes crazy !
If you wanna touch the pecs lady, Hulk says you gotta pay more! 

She Hulk says come hither!
She Hulk and Mr Hulk on a date. Are you green with envy?

A clean jerk from She Hulk

Sporty She Hulk

Rogue Cosplay from X-men

Every body loves Rogue from X-Men - she's like the girl next door X-Men all sexy but seemingly obtainable - either way she struck a chord with fans of the comics and films and she's great cos play fodder.

  Enjoy these cosplay pictures of Rogue in her comic version. 

If you loved these girls all dressed up as Rogue, you're gonna love Jean Grey

The Ultimate Star Wars Cos Play Collection

zombie storm trooper cosplay

This Stormtrooper either has a really bad nose bleed or is a zombie and really really wants to eat you brains!

sith kissing jedi costumes

Get your Sith Lord loving in the forest of Endor - I'm sure there's some Star Wars fan fiction gathering dust some where how a handsome last  Jedi fell in love with a Sith Lorde... either way this picture is of a real couple who share a love of Star Wars role play!

body painted sith lord sexy
A body painted Sith Lord. 
adrianne curry princess leia cosplay
The Case of the Golden Bikinis

The Return of the Jedi movie is famous for it's terrible Ewok, Luke saving Vader and Princess Leia strangling Jabba the Hutt whilst wearing an incredibly hot golden bikini that has driven Star Wars fan boys nut with hot feelings. The Leia bikini has become a standard and cos play events all around the world. 

You may have seen the Leia bikini before but you probably haven't seen a body painted female Sith Lord before? If the lovely lady below is body painted, does that mean she is nude?

A body painted Sith Lord
vader grabbing breasts
That's an HR issue about to explode....

Here's a naughty Darth Vader feeling up the breasts of his sexy Star Wars trooper. It's almost star wars cos play gone wrong but I bet the fan boys will love this! 

Oh wait? You wanted some more Princess Leias in their bikinis? Here they are!

I think that's actually Top Model Adrianne Curry dressing as Leia there!

Here's some ladies from the star wars burlesque show
sexy storm trooper

This star wars trooper never appeared in any Star Wars film I ever saw. Is she and her corset in an extended Blu Ray version?

c3po swimsuit girl
C3P0 Swimsuit
Stars Wars was big on merchandising - George Lucas famously managed to keep the merchandising rights for himself and was laughing all the way to the bank - I wonder how much coin George raised for this rather stunning C3PO bathing suit. Does it count as cosplay? Probably not but if you have any complaints, see management. 

You got love this team - it looks like some kind of crazy Wizard of Oz adventure gone horribly wrong - that's C3PO on the right, Mr R2D2 on the middle and perhaps an anorexic Wookie on the right!

Here's some fly boys - X wing pilots, Y Wing adventurers and A Wing Dashers. Perhaps best known as cannon fodder for Darth Vader and his Tie Fighter pilots!

R2D2 and friends

Frak it's Katie Sackoff! What kind of Star Wars fantasy is this?
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