August 30, 2011

Mystique X-Men Cosplay Pictures

mystique cosplay body paint

Rebecca Romijn has a lot to answer for. She's spawned a whole heap of Mystique cosplay and for this, we actually salute her. Without her X-Men movie shenanigans, we may never have had her legion of fans decide to emulate her blue attire and venture where not even the movie version of Wolverine dared to tread...

Are you still with us? Hang on to your hats ladies and gentlemen and cos play fans, we're about to catch the Mystique cosplay train - we'll stop at destinations such as body painted Mystique and I'm way too sexy for my blue skin Mystique. So come on everybody, join the cosplay joy ride... like Roxette asked you to in the 90s.... indeed you could say we're travelling First Class ;)

xmen mystique cosplay
I think the above mutant shows a fair degree of scary-ness - something about the angle of the photo and those spikes look a little too sharp for my liking....

Body painting in progress...
Put 'em up, X Man. Or other wise known as come hither Wolverine. 
Mystique Cosplayer who appears to be wearing her birthday suit. We like suits at Gears of Halo.
Attention Fanboys... this is the lady you were looking for! Those eyes suggest a hint of crazyiness much?
Kind of 'I'll fuck you up'  Mystique Cosplayer
Mystique and her Birthday Suit II
giant boods xmen body paint
I think this Mystique is faking it. What do you think - are following that classic piece of advice, fake it, till you make it?

Ah, yes, it's a tree. I love nature!
The latest movie version of the Mystique character was played by the fresh faced Jennifer Lawrence in the mega hit X-Men: First Class movie where she plays the titular X-men smurf in blue:

Definitely First Class material
If you are still hot for some X-Men cosplay, check out Jean Grey in her Dark Phoenix glory

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