July 29, 2011

One of Seven

One of the ways to ensure a game these days is to create desire for someything before the punters even know what it is. Queue Bungie's ARG games to promote Halo,  T-shirts with unexplained logos and now the mysterious One of Seven Page that HBO duly alerted the troops to overnight.  So what hype are they building to with this One of Seven promo?

What does it all mean? It would appear that Bungie has gone all Willy Wonka on us and put seven magical golden tickets into the recent charity bags that were sold as part of the laudible fundraising efforts during the Bungie Anniversary weekend. Did you get your steak?

Bungie's One of Seven page basically reads as the rules of a compeition but this part is key:

'Bungie is having a One of Seven promotion. Each of the seven tickets entitles you to something extraordinary. On July 7th, 2012 and not a moment before, visit http://www.bungie.net/oneofseven to receive further instructions. Your ticket and the verification code contained therein are personal, one-of-a-kind, and not transferable. Do not reveal the hidden code beneath the scratch off before Bungie Day 2012. Do not share your ticket or code with anyone else. Failure to follow these instructions will render your ticket, and the promise that it holds, null and void.'

July 7 you say? What could this be? The launch date of the first game from Bungie Aerospace? A test to get the Keys to the kingdom ala Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Something to do with Destiny? More than likely it's something completely unimagined outside Bungie at this stage.

I suspect this is going to drive a few Bungie fans absolutely nuts trying to figure it out!

July 28, 2011

The Ultimate Mass Effect Cos Play Page

Garuss quietly contemplating life

The Ultimate Mass Effect Cos Play Page

One of the best games we played in recent times was Mass Effect 2. If it wasn't the cool story of bringing together a kick ass suicide squad to deliver some justice to the Reapers, it was definitely some of the characters that hooked me. 

Mordin was a great fellow to have on board the Normandy, I could listen to him ramble on for hours. While Jack was just a crazed b'arch, Samara was a soothing voice in the loneliness of space...... so it's thoughts like that it's no great surprise that Mass Effect fans like to go a lil cosplay crazy with the heroes and villians of the Mass Effect Universe.  Here's a walk down the ulitmate costume players from around the galaxy.

Above is the actual model on whom Samara was modelled on - Rana McAnear- so is this life imitating art?

This Yellow Space Cow Boy was a secret unlockable character if you found every single piece of space dust.

Female Sheppard means business

Too Cool for School Sheppard on the right

Smurfette dressed up for the ball

These guys and gals look like actual models of Mass Effect characters?!

Jack be nimble

We'll there was this one time the Turians tried to wipe out out race. That was fun.

A very sexy Femshep

Miranda waking up from her beauty sleep. It worked.

From Left to Right: Mrs Kick Ass, Mrs Knock you for Six and Mrs Fuck You Up!

Something wrong with your eye, Garrus?

Possibly the the most popular Gears of War picture, a nude Mass Effect babe.

Scarred up Sheppard. 

Freeze Sucker

Scar Face Sheppard

Tali cosplay

That's Mrs Lawson to you

Another Smurfette wannabe

Space Smurf with the much sought after Ipad 19


Who knows what cosplay Mass Effect 3 might produce?

July 25, 2011

Ironman's Ironettes take off like a rocket

Ironman and the Ironettes
The Japanese have a lot to answer for. But we'll let everything slide because the Japan 2011 Comic Con has given us this wonderful dance demonstration by the Iron Man's Ironettes. Basically it's an excuse for a whole lot of exy women to run around in red bikinis exalting the big Iron fella's glories. We'll take your sexism Japan, thanks.

How many dudes you know roll like this? Not many, if any

Turns out the Ironettes from Ironman 2 movie have inspired a whole legion of sexy girls to dress up as Tony Stark's personal cheer leaders and show the love:

Is that Ironette on the left your sister bro?

Ass you were ladies

Cosplay loving Ironettes
Cheers Tony!

July 21, 2011

Meagan Marie's Anya Stroud cosplay

I spied on Cliffy B's twitter account that he gave props to Meagan Marie's cosplay effort to capture the glory that is Anya Stroud - over the past few months the Gears of Wars producers have made it pretty clear that Anya is going to feature in Gears of War 3 in a big fashion, so why wouldn't Meagan want to get together a sweet costume for the Comic Con? More detail here.

More Anya Stroud cosplay at the link.

Also here's Meagan dressed as Poison Ivy. 

July 11, 2011

Masters of the Universe Cosplay

Hoo ra for She Ra!
I have the poweeeerrrrr! So went the catch cry of Prince Adam as he transformed into his alter ego of He-Man  in the Masters of the Universe cartoon. And so do cosplay fans have the power as they work their She Ra and Evil Lyn magic. There's plenty on offer here - buff He-Man, evil Skelteor and some cool little Ork fellas. And a lady Ork too, which is kind odd but it works.Should we call her an Orkette? Enjoy the pictures below!

Madam, I'm Adam

Ork and muscle bound man

Babes putting the sex into the Universe, masterfully.

Those are some massive.... staffs that Evil Lyn and She Ra have
Ra Ra oh Lady Ra Ra
Female Skeletor and Beast Man all fury like

Skeletor in full pose mode

Trap Jaw Cosplay
Not everyone was into Masters of the Universe in the day. Maybe you were a Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles fan

July 9, 2011

Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles Cosplay

Babelicious Turtles
Cowbunga dudes and dudettes, it's time for some 'Turtle Power' with these awesome TMNT cosplay shots of babes and dudes play homage to one of the most awesome cartoon shows of all time, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Man, I used to rush home from school to watch TMNT - for a while it was the coolest show on the planet! Till Vanilla Ice appeared in a movie anyway...

It appears a lot of over fans still love the green guys that make up the TMNT as there's a lot of cosplay action out there! Check out these costume players living out their fantasies of being a green shelled super hero!

Gee I love being a Turtle!!
Fun Fact: 3 out of 4 turtles cannot smile
Oh I found the pizza. It was attached to some babes. Hands off theme Splinter!
April and a green friend
Five TMNTs!

I think these three lads with their nun chucks and bad greed body paint counts as a cosplay fail. Maybe they should have got some body painting tips from these ladies.... below is some pretty awesome costumes of the TMNT which I'm assuming was from some promotional venture.

We started off with some babes dressed up as the TMNT, it would be rude to not finish with some:
I don't think the middle one eats enough Pizza!
Here's a question for you. If the turtles are gluten free, what would there favourite food have be?