May 14, 2011

Transformers Cosplay Pictures Autobots and Decepticons

Fearless Autobot Leader, Mr Optimus Prime
People who stalk me will know I'm a big Transformers fan, so they shouldn't be surprised I've turned to the Autobots and Decepticons for some cosplay inspiration. Clearly I'm not the only Transformers fan in town - check out these pictures of cosplayers in their best robot costumes as they hit the various conventions.

Animated robot hereos
  Here's another photo of the first Prime featured, I love the quality of the image. And that fact Prime is ready to kick some Decepticon ass!

Autobot Leader Optimus Prime

Below is Arcee, the first female robot to grace the Autobot line up. Arcee debuted in the original animated movie and was a briefly spied in Revenge of the Fallen before she got smashed to bits. Well, one of her anyway.
The sexy Arcee. Have you met her cousin Bellatron?

Now here's some really sexy cosplay of a blonde dresses as Bumblebee. Is it weird for a chick to dress as a guy robot? I think she pulls it off....

But wait, Gears of Halo has more Bumbleebee cosplay goodness for robot fans to enjoy!

Bumblebee and a sexy friend 
Jazz, Soundwave, Megatron and a cowardly Starscream
Bumblebee, hot chick and Grimlock
 I wonder if Kup ever did tell Grimlock about the Petro rabbits? He may have as this cosplay Grimlock looks pretty happy, or maybe it's because of his lady friend to his right?

Prime vs Megatron
Galvatron and Megatron plotting

Best Effort Award goes to Starscream
Jazz Cosplay Costume
Mr Prime to you
Megatron and Starscream

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