May 31, 2011

Sexy Hermione Cosplay from Harry Potter

Hermione cosplay costume school girl
Harry, it's time for wand inspection

Awesome Harry Potter fans dressed as Hermione

So what is the best thing to have come to the world's attention since Harry Potter took it by storm?

Was it the millions of children and adults that bonded over tales of a young wizard and his friends?

Was it the increased literacy skills of many kids across the world. Was it the money well earnt by JK Rowling and then given to charity?

No, it was giving us Hermione and in turn Emma Watson.

Hermione is certainly one of the most popular cos play choices of Harry Potter fans. As you can probably those cos play fans do their best to produce some pretty dam sexy costume versions of Hermione!

hermione cosplayers
Are you a muggle?
I'm not really sure what to make of this next cosplayer? Is she trying to seduce Harry himself or give him a lesson in wizardry that he'll never forget?

sexy harry pottter costume
"Come hither," said Herminone. 

naughty School girl cosplay costume
You can call me Mrs Hogwarts. 
harry potter cosplay girl breasts
Alakazam. Or something. 

large breasted harry potter costume player
Check out that cool skeleton behind this Herminone...


  1. All these costumes look the same. This isn't cosplay, this is a storebought costume.

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