May 16, 2011

Cosplay Twins. Or Two Leias Making Out

Two Leias making out
What's better than one awesome cosplay costume? Two awesome cosplay costumes! Check out these photo's of twins doing their best cosplay of their favourite characters. Usually we leave the best till last, but today we just had to bring you this above picture of two hot Princess Leias making out.  Heck we could probably end this post there but we'll continue for the sake of completion...

Here's two sexy warcraft babes, doing their best twins impersonation for us:

Obviously, Princess Leia is hot so two twin Princess Leia's in bikinis washing a car must be doubly hot right?

Double Leia
 I know what you're thinking about this next picture. They're not twins! No, but they are both booth babes for Duke Nukem and they are both wearing white shirts so I say close enough...

Next up is some Wonder Woman twins. You can tell they are cosplay twins as they are exactly the same height...

Oh look! more cosplay elf twins! This time with sexy blue hair for all the Avatar fans out there.

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