April 14, 2011

Starfire Cos Play Photos

"She will be a better Titan than I ever was..."

I vaguely recall my first introduction to Starfire when I borrowed my uncle's comic book collection as a lad - Starfire was running round with Nightwing and the Teen Titans or something fighting some cult lead by an awesome villian called Brother Blood. That stuff is just awesome when you are 12 years old!

But now I'm all growed up and I can see what the real fuss about Starfire  is and why people like to put on their best red wig and purple bikini and do their best cos play impersonation...
Hi, I'm Starfire.

Big Hair Day Starfire


Girl Next Door Starfire Cosplayer
Is her nipple missing?
I'm not acutually sure if the above picture is actually cos play of Star Fire or some other costume - however given the purple nature of the outfit and the ample cleavage being shown off, I'm happy to let this one ride...

Shy Couple: Super Man hearts Starfire

Practicable Starfire?


  1. Great post.
    The 6th one is Star Saphire from Green Lantern.

  2. The third from the bottom in purple missing the nipple is star sapphire.

  3. Last one, the "practicable Starfire" is a near-perfect rendition of the costume from the anime-styled Teen Titans cartoon. The one with the Japanese girl band theme song.


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