April 5, 2011

Cosplay from Wonderful Wondercon

Power Girl sexy costume
Girl Power!

Cosplayers have all the fun at Wondercon 

Yesterday we brought you some hot Wondercon Cosplay costumes, and today we bring you even more! What an excellent costume loving fan base this event brings. From Zombie Storm Troopers to a heavenly chested Power Girl through to a sexy Green Lantern and some sweet GI Joe outfits, Wondercon appeared to have it all!

Here's a kid classic - Buzz Light Year - is it me or does this dude look like Nathan Lane?

To Infinity and the next Toy Story!

Here's some serious cat power. Eat your heart out Halle Berry, this is what a modern day catwoman purrs like!
Got Milk?
Big and Blue. Just the way we like steak FYI

Here's Captain America and another green friend. As I think I've said before, lets hope the movie gets the Justice that it deserves. 

Classic Captain America Costume

Dude in a red tie, Kick Ass, Snake Eyes? and Kill Bill
Here's an oldie but still always dead sexy, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. They invented cosplay for this!

Dare I say it but it looks like Ma and Pa wanted in with the kids and so went old school.
Poison Ivy cosplay with Batman
She's going to kill you, Dick
Here's Power Girl and friend. I think the friend might be jealous of Power Girl's large talent. If she's not, she's probaby the most pretty blind cos play artist ever ;)

Big Breasted Power Girl

Team X-Men in the House. Xavier's finest in the house:

Cyclops cosplay classic Xmen Costume

Here's some real American heroes - a team of old school GI Joes. Back in the day, Sergeant Slaughter was my favourite. Would they ever name a kids toy with such a name as that ever again? Too PC much?

GI Joe cosplay - Beachcomber Sergeant Slaughter

Here's a sexy babe dressed as a Green Lantern - again, lets hope the movie gets the justice it deserves!

Green Lantern cosplay female

Silk Spectre. Nuff Said.

Silk Spectre cosplay costume

Here's a toaster from Battle Star Galactica.

And last but not least, and actually quite possibly our favourite cosplay outfit in some time, a Star Wars trooper that appears to have been bitten by a zombie and has become infected. Let's hope it doesn't spread too far through the galaxy!


  1. Thank you for the great Buzz Lightyear pic!! Yes I do get the Nathan Lane comment a lot!! I like it! I was also the ALIEN costume from saturday's show also. The Captain America person's name is Rex Adam's and he fills that costume sooo well, and he's a great guy!!!
    Thank you!!
    Alien Matt

  2. The guy you dub "Kill Bill" is supposed to be Bruce Lee.


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