April 17, 2010

Space Invaders

This is post 242 on Halo Reach Game News - I can't believe it, I thought I'd struggle to a hundred before the release of Halo Reach. So what does 242 bring us today?

Gametrailers news on the multiplayer.

After some intro fluff using game play from the Vidoc, Brian Jarrad (Bungie's GO TO GUY) talks to Geoff Keighly about how the Halo Beta will include the use of recorded video ala Halo 3 and ODST with game reports being loaded to Bungie.net Brian said the Beta will run as long as it can, which probably means a few weeks.

There's also plenty of new game play footage to watch - players running riot in ghosts and wraiths etc... trainspotters can leave any details they saw in the comments below!

Here's the link to the vid


  1. I bet the reason nobody comments is because nobody knows that "wills of the prophets" means comments. I know it took me a while to figure that out and personally I think you should change it. By the way I love this blog, don't stop.

  2. We don't really know much more about Invasion than we did. Spartans vs Elites with objectives.

    Still, I'm not much of a MP player and I can't wait for the Beta. This looks so fun. The animations, the environments (goddamn, Boneyard is massive), the weapons renders, the effects, the sounds (my 5.1 was rumbling during the Armor Lock sequence)...it really is looking like the game I always wanted.

    My only complaint is the handful of framerate glitches in the footage. I'm willing to call it out as being beta, I bet it will all be straightened out by fall.

    To finish my wall o' comment, my thanks to Jangles for the honor of doing a guest post and getting my art out there. It was a cool experience and I was just pleasantly surprised to see a thumbnail of it in the "You might also like" section. Good times.

  3. No worries dude, please to have you and your talents aboard!

  4. Also cheers Anon, have made a change to Comments to see how that works. Appreciate your feedback. JJ


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